Photo Credit: http://www.thekitchn.com/how-to-clean-burnton-stains-fr-107750

i can sit and wonder why you do it
why you scrape the bottom of a saucepan clean with so much effort
there is nothing but burnt loss left 
till you graze on it with this spoon of love that you are
till the screeching suddenly stills so shine can be

being seen as a sparkle when fire and heat is all this heart’s known is a weird thing
an unacceptable welcome of newness
i sit and wonder why you love so hard and go to work with so much determination 
it’s like you know there is more to my heart than all this darkness you keep spooning away
it could also be that you do it because you can

this is the chore you have chosen
this spoon is not love, maybe, just a dutiful performer of chores like a man behind a pulpit who encourages me to let my light shine but does not really care if i do
it’s all just a job, part of the routine
maybe spoon scratching saucepan is not love at all


Published by: Akyempo

i met the Priest...i realised that though society seems to respect the baker and despise the shepherd, the baker is not happy despite his stability and the shepherd is free to pursue the pyramids, because he is a dreamer; and one day he will meet Fatima. I am the boy; the shepherd.


11 thoughts on “Kanzo”

  1. Herh ! It is too short lah. you wrote it like your height.
    The concluding part says it all.. just for the sake of duty. I like that bro !


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