Set Fire To That

I miss you
Like pencils miss sharpeners         And breasts miss brassières…(wait, they don’t!)

I miss you like…
Like hip hop misses Tupac,
And no marine misses Iraq
Like Americans miss idol
And Ghanaians miss clay dolls

Chale I love you like…
Like Kobe loves the spotlight
And Kwabena loves the highlights
Like Kanye loves KK
And KK loves an extra K…
Set fire to that…let’s make a clan

NB: Inspired By Mike Taylor’s “Thinking About You” on Brave New Voices.


Published by: Akyempo

i met the Priest...i realised that though society seems to respect the baker and despise the shepherd, the baker is not happy despite his stability and the shepherd is free to pursue the pyramids, because he is a dreamer; and one day he will meet Fatima. I am the boy; the shepherd.


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