Me Fri Ghana, Mo Wa Lati Nigeria



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I come from that country where each new week there’s something to be embarrassed about! If not Brazil asylum seekers or 3million dollars across the ocean then it’s dumsɔ and striking workers.


Me fri Ghana.Where beauty pageant contestants cant describe their courses of study in the university.That place where there is peace but in our souls an endless war rages.Passion versus Apathy.Where leaders lead instead of follow.
I come from Ghana. Where A is for Apple, B is for Ball and S is for Shoe so even in University, folks say “Shports” cos we were bred to conform.
That place where a fiery young mind is stifled. Dont use “big words in your essay” but they cane us for speaking twi. I come from Ghana.
I come from Ghana. Where your As can be changed to Bs or worse because apparently too many people getting an A in exams is bad publicity.
I come from Ghana. Where if you’re academically sound then society concludes you’re morally upright. So they neglect to shepherd your heart.

image                       But in all the pain and in all the hustle .With all our stain and all of the struggle;I am still proudly Ghanaian. For God makes no mistakes Because when our stories are told, we wont be great cos we were born not in Ghana, but because we made it through Ghana. I come from Ghana.



IMG-20140901-WA0020                                                        Nana …I come from Nigeria where I could read this and smile and wonder, how lucky this Ghanaian is…I come from a land where nobody cares, where nothing is embarrassing as long as your account isn’t crying, where the As are missing altogether and only your naira can find it…I come from a country awashed with               academics,

imagewhere nobody cares if you are an intellectual,and canonization is an exclusive preserve of the rich, where nobody cares what the term ‘shepherd your heart’ means,and all is fair if only dollar bills are won, where moral uprightness and sainthood are mutually exclusive…but Yes,God doesn’t make mistakes, for where could be better to shine the light than in darkness… I come from a

naija flag


Nigeria where I could read a young Ghanaian’s prose and smile, cos he is luckier than he knows and thankfully he believes in a better story to come!…so in the heat of our today we await the rain of our tomorrow…for when our stories are told some day, we will be great cos we made use of that which from God we did borrow….we are from Africa.




Nana Akyɛmpɔ ft Dr. Evaare Tom


18 thoughts on “Me Fri Ghana, Mo Wa Lati Nigeria”

  1. Liked your poems, perfect elucidation of the African culture.I vehemently recommend it for Afrocentric and Africans-at-heart.No wonder you were an E.C. boy!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. This is wonderful. Good points.
    This needs a wider audience; this needs to be performed, not to make people smile or laugh at how the situation in both countries is captured, or how much people can relate to this, but so that after people have seen or heard it performed at a high function they will go home or wherever and it will cause them to think about how bad the situation is. That in the privacy of their thoughts away from propaganda and whatnot their conscience will judge them and move them to positive action.
    Kudos to you both.


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