Black At Heart: Never You Mind


My eyes are too bold
So you drown me in utter darkness
My heart is too strong
So you force me to drink the wine of sorrow
My ears are too quick
So you beat their drum sore
My soul is too thirsty
So you desert it on the Sahara
But never you mind!
My tears talk too much already

His belly is well contoured and it aches with plenty
Poor old Uncle Sam
Huddled by the hearth
The only thing louder than her ravenous growl
Is the silence of her pain
Kuukua’s smile is broken
Broken but bright and alive
The Red Dragon dabs her moist cheeks And breathes some fire of hope into her bossom
But never she mind!
Her dreams are too cold already…

We are just humble beings
We are not meant for much
We are just bumble bees
So they said we can’t fly
It is not possible they said
Ours is to watch as the eagles take flight
But there’s some fight in us yet
Maybe we are not eagles
But our wings have defied gravity already

What is my crime again?
Oh yes loving too deeply
For love drove Kunta Kinte to the forest for some wood
A man has to gather enough for his family’s food
But the pale man’s net was already cast
His ship was already waiting

From the cotton lands I run
I run because I hear mourning drums in the distance
They tell dark stories of free blood spilled freely in these cotton lands
The land of the free and the brave
Where the free oppress the brave
Kunta Kinte has to get his own drum
He wants to carve his own destiny
So he runs
Alas! only as far as the pale man’s axe
My good foot is chopped off
But never they mind!
My stories run too far already

Yaanom attribute all things wrong to the blackness of my sweat
I am the one who is threatened but they call me blackmail
They say evil has another name and it is called black man
They sell me short to my buyers in the black market
Their hate is real but their handshake is firm
My hiss is soft and my poison is deadly so they call me black mamba
The winds of history have sucked me weak
Yet my spirit prevails
It has a black belt
Yes never mind!
My abɔsoɔ is far too tight already

I hear echoes everywhere of the new black
Where are they?


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